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Welcome to Hampshire County Council and Hampshire Schools Apprenticeship programme webpage. The information contained in this webpage is aimed at Council and schools’ employees, managers and leaders. 

We aim to share material that supports you to understand how Apprenticeships can develop either new or existing employees, meet existing skills gaps and benefit the organisations by growing a highly trained and qualified workforce.

The Apprenticeship Levy will fully fund any recognised Apprenticeship and is available for all employees on the Council payroll, including our maintained schools. This access to funding opens up training and development opportunities that benefit both the organisation and the individual.

An Apprenticeship has to be linked to a paid job role or professional occupation, where substantive new learning will take place. A minimum of 20% of an employee’s time will be dedicated to the achievement of the Apprenticeship. There is a full range of Apprenticeships from level 2 to level 7, covering a broad spectrum of professions, that can develop employees at all levels of the organisations they work in. The availability of Higher Apprenticeships, some of which contain integrated Degrees and Masters, mean we can progress employees through to the highest level, further professionalising the workforce. 

A full list of every Apprenticeship that is available can be found on the Institute of Apprenticeships & Technical Education webpage. If you would like to find out more information or would like to express an interest in an Apprenticeship, please email either the managed Apprenticeships inbox or contact:

Trevor MacAlonan - Development Manager (Apprenticeships)

Stacey Allan - Apprenticeship Advisor

For regular updates on Apprenticeships follow our Yammer page.

This section is directed at schools and outlines some of the existing apprenticeships on offer to schools through Hampshire Achieves or external providers.

This section contains all the latest communications about schools and corporately.

This section contains an overview and background to apprenticeships, the County Council commitment and information on who they are for.

A £900,000 pilot scheme running until 31st March 2021, aiming to create more apprenticeship opportunities in Hampshire using the County Council’s Apprenticeship Levy Fund