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  • Higher and Degree Level Apprenticeships

    Higher and Degree level Apprenticeships paid for by the Levy, are a fairly recent and welcome addition to the Apprenticeship reform programme. Apprenticeships form part of the Governments ambition that is set out in the Post 16 Skills Plan and Industrial Strategy, to drive productivity, raise standards and meet future skills requirements of the economy. 

    Higher and Degree level Apprenticeships that run from level 4 to 7 offer organisations the opportunity to train employees at the very highest level and gain professional qualifications. Some of the level 6 and 7 Apprenticeships contain integrated Degrees or Masters. It’s also an opportunity to attract and recruit new talent, as well as developing existing members of the workforce. 

    Our partners in higher education institutions and universities deliver these programmes a variety of ways dependent on the programme. Training could either be at a university or in the work place be day, fortnightly or block release. 

    A Higher or Degree level Apprenticeship has to be linked to a role or occupation and are paid at substantive pay rates. For some professional roles such as solicitors or engineers, there are trainee pay that reflect employees entering into the workforce that are on training and working towards becoming fully qualified and occupationally competent. 

    Information on Higher and Degree level Apprenticeships is available on the Gov website. Some of our own employees who are undertaking Higher and Degree level Apprenticeships have shared their story

    A full list of every Higher and Degree level Apprenticeship can be found on the Institute of Apprenticeships & Technical Education webpage. If you would like to find out more information or would like to express an interest in an Apprenticeship, please email either the managed Apprenticeships inbox or contact:

    Trevor MacAlonan - Development Manager (Apprenticeships)

    Stacey Allan - Apprenticeship Advisor