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  • Hampshire Schools' Apprenticeship Programme

    Hampshire Schools’ Apprenticeship Programme

    Hampshire Apprenticeship Team can support schools in scope to access the levy funding, advise on apprenticeship training provision and will support school staff with apprenticeship enrolment. Hampshire County Council (HCC) has a list of contracted training providers, colleges, and universities that schools can access for apprenticeships. These providers are managed by the Apprenticeship Team and offer a range of apprenticeships that have been mapped to a school setting.


    Apprenticeships range in level from 2 to 7 and link to roles such as learning support, teaching assistants, administration and facilities staff, school business managers, teachers, and head teachers. For more information about these apprenticeship programmes see the Schools' Apprenticeship Directory. Please contact the Apprenticeship Team if you are interested in an apprenticeship that is not listed in the directory.


    How the levy works

    The Apprenticeship levy requires a mandatory contribution from all council departments and schools where HCC is the employer into a central account. If you are uncertain whether your school is within the scope of HCC levy, please contact the Hampshire Apprenticeship Team. The levy will fully fund the training and assessment of any recognised apprenticeship.


    Hampshire Schools’ Apprenticeship Board and Communications
    A schools’ apprenticeship project board has been created to support apprenticeships in school settings. The aim of the board is to advise on apprenticeship development and widen participation through school communication and events. The board has representation from local schools and is supported by Hampshire Apprenticeship Team. Please get in touch with the Hampshire Apprenticeship Team if you would like to know more or would be interested in supporting the board. Apprenticeship developments and information are shared via school’s communication systems and this website.


    Selecting an apprenticeship
    Information about the apprenticeship pathways can be found in the Schools' Apprenticeship Directory. You will find a range of pathways mapped to common roles found in schools. There is a website link included with each apprenticeship pathway that will take you to full overview of the apprenticeship and it will set out exactly what knowledge, skills and behaviours will be developed and how these will be assessed.


    Once you have selected an apprenticeship that clearly links to a job role, you are ready to speak with the provider. The Hampshire Apprenticeship Team can help with identifying the correct apprenticeship if you need support. When you are ready contact the Hampshire Apprenticeship Team who will be able to connect you with a training provider and support next steps.


    Please contact the Hampshire Apprenticeship Team by email or contact:

    Trevor MacAlonan - Development Manager (Apprenticeships)

    Stacey Allan - Apprenticeship Advisor