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4. Apprenticeship Funding Bands

All apprenticeships, whether frameworks or standards, are placed in one of 15 funding bands.  The decision as to the maximum level of funding that each framework or standard attracts is largely based on the level and type of apprenticeship. The upper limit will cap the maximum amount of levy funds that government will allow to be spent on that apprenticeship from the levy account.  These is no lower limit. Hampshire County Council have a policy of not paying over the maximum cap value in order to ensure value for money. In order to find out which band applies to apprenticeships you are interested in please speak to the apprenticeship team.

The Funding Bands and maximum values are:

Band Funding Band Max
1 £1,500
2 £2,000
3 £2,500
4 £3,000
5 £3,500
6 £4,000
7 £5,000
8 £6,000
9 £9,000
10 £12,000
11 £15,000
12 £18,000
13 £21,000
14 £24,000
 15 £27,000