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5. Mentoring and Coaching Support and Benefits of an Apprentice

Hampshire Futures is able to provide training and development to your supervisors or mentors to enable them to provide the best possible support for apprentices.  This will ensure that apprentices have access to additional support over and above their normal supervision to access practical advice and guidance on all aspects of their apprenticeship.  In addition, the trained mentors will develop their own peer community and links across departments and schools to broaden wider organisational understanding and links.

What are the benefits of employing apprentices?
Apprenticeships are an effective workforce development tool for all ages. They can support future workforce requirements through the recruitment of new talent and by providing professional development and progression opportunities for existing staff.
Apprentices provide new talent and ideas to enable us to grow as an organisation. They are cost effective as apprentices learn while contributing to the productivity of the department and organisation.  Our apprenticeship investment in skills development is recouped from our levy contribution which would otherwise be lost.

The development of our apprentices can also provide wider value by developing existing members of our teams by offering opportunities for them to support the learning of apprentices.  Such opportunities may contribute to the development of management, coaching, supervisory, mentoring or tutoring skills which bring additional personal as well as business benefits.

As an organisation we are committed to developing apprenticeships and feel sure that this commitment will further develop our reputation as a high quality local employer.
To find out how other employers have benefitted from recruiting and training apprentices, please see the case studies at:

If you are keen to find out more or wish to register your interest in developing a particular apprenticeship idea please complete the expression of interest and we will be delighted to support you further.